The trend for magazine production has shown a dramatic rise in customer-based
publications - magazines produced by businesses, charities or clubs for sale at retail outlets or free distribution to its own customers, members or supporters
There are two main reasons for the dramatic rise in customer-based publications: 
The profits come from the sales of the publication itself and/or from the revenue earned by selling advertising space within the publication. Additionally, any products produced by the organisation can be sold in the magazine, for example a range of bottled sauces if you own a restaurant, or fund raising products if you are a charity.


For every one of your customers who purchase a magazine from you, there are approximately three others who will read it who have not purchased it. These could be family members, friends or business associates who read the magazine  – this is the readership of the magazine which is  always higher 

than the actual number that has been purchased and 

depends on people’s habit of keeping magazines for a while and leaving them around on desk-tops, 

table-tops, bedside tables and so on where other people can read them. If your magazines are left in 

doctors and dentists waiting rooms, then the readership is at least 50 fold.


How Golden Acorn Publishers can help your profits and promotions through 
customer-based publishing
Golden Acorn can organise the entire production of your publication including marketing, 
promotion, design, editing and distribution. A hotel or serviced apartment establishment can produce a magazine of general or local interest and sell by subscription to a database of past guests as well as on the premises to the current guests. These establishments can also produce souvenir books about the local history, shops, restaurants and events that are sold to guests. A garden center can produce magazines about gardening tips, their products and services, local gardening events, gardening lectures and events held at the center, special offers for readers such as garden tour trips around the UK and abroad or discounts on their own products.