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Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Directory

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Directory is being published as a result of public demand. All directories are now online and this is the only complete directory publication available as a book in the Borough and it is free. With listings ranging from Accountants to Zumba Classes, this directory is aimed mostly at the over 60s who, according to surveys, either do not use the internet at all or do so only very rarely; it can, however, be picked up by people of any age at outlets.  According to the Office of National Statistics, 66% of the total population of the UK use the internet very rarely and 58% of people aged 75+ never use the internet at all. There are about 25,000 65+ pensioners living in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

This directory is an annual publication and will be supplied free to people of any age at apartment blocks, libraries and through the mail to a database of over 5,000 people over 60 in the Borough plus our 1,400 of the members of the Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents. It will also be available online for those who can search the internet.

The advantage a directory has over a magazine or newspaper is that customers use it and an entry can be seen as much as every day of the year by users.  Furthermore, unless you can achieve great search engine optimisation for your website, you may not even appear on the first page and might be losing customers. A directory, however, gives you a chance to be seen over and over again for a year by users.